Basic Info--



Leader: The highest rank in the clan. He/She is in charge of every cat and makes the clan decisions. Their word is law.

Deputy: A warrior who is second in command. He/She takes the leaders place if they are not present. They carry on the duties of the leader.

Medicine Cat: Very highly respected clan cats that treat diseases and injuries. They could save your life one day so they are to be treated with respect.

Warriors: Adult clan cats that feed and protect the clan. They carry on special duties that takes skill and effort.

Queens: A she-cat who is expecting or having kits. They are overly protective when it comes to thier kits.

Elders: Cats that are "retired", to old to carry on their old duties as a warrior, Deputy, Leader, Medicine Cat..etc. They are to be treated with high respect.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: They are clan cats that have reached over the age of 6 moons and mentored by the Medicine Cat. They are in line to be the next Medicine Cat once the Former one dies or retires.\

Apprentices: These cats are above the age of 6 moons and they are in line to become warriors. They are mentored by present warriors and highly trained. Once ready they will receive their warrior name to become a warrior.

Kits: A young cat under the age of 6 moons. They live in the nursery until they become an apprentice once they turn 6 moons. They shall be highly protected, and harming a kit could result in exile or death.


The prey that can be found in the  (Coral Canyons) includes,

Hares, rabbits, adders, mice, occasionally voles or birds, and some small fish are found in the stream.

The prey that can be found in  (Sarepia Forest) includes,

Small rodents, such as voles, mice, shrews, and occasionally a rabbit. You can find small birds too, such as thrushes, wood pigeons, starlings, sparrows, blackbirds, magpies, and robins. You can find squirrels too.

The prey that can be found in the  (Coral Canyons Pathway) includes,

Mice, adders, squirrels, and small birds such as robins, sparrows, pigeons, and magpies.

The prey that can be found in  (Lost Temple of Zios) includes,

Small birds, fish, frogs, shrews, mice, snakes, and water voles.

The prey that can be found in the  (Kimbara Outback) includes,

Hares, rabbits, adders, mice, occasionally voles, birds (in various sizes), and some fish are found in Myan Lake.

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